Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kaz Moves on to Phase Three of Rehab; Rays World Tour?

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that Rays Ace pitcher Scott Kazmir has moved onto phase three of his recovery. After phase two, which consisted of throwing 22 pitches with a ball in a sock, Kazmir played catch with Rays trainer Ron Porterfield from 60 feet. Kazmir completed 25 tosses with no apparent problems. The goal at this point is to throw from longer distances before attempting a bullpen session on March 10th or 11th. There is no time table or hint on if Kazmir will be available for opening day in Baltimore.

If you don't think baseball players are under intense pressure and are hard at work all the time, you're wrong. Rocco Baldell, Josh Paul, Edwin Jackson and Eric Hinske have spent a lot of extra time practicing together, however, not on baseball. The Rays quartet have started a band in the Rays stadium storage area. Baldell and Paul are guitarist, Jackson on the drums with Hinske filling in. The un-named band is looking for a lead singer. One thing I want to know is how Jonny Gomes is not involved in this?