Tuesday, March 4, 2008

He Was Born A Gamblin' Man?

Last night I was playing poker at Derby Lane here in St. Petersburg. As I looked up from my endless string of bad hands I saw a strapping lad walking past my table...his name is Todd Kalas. Apparently Mr. Kalas likes to either bet the dogs/ponies or play cards, or maybe both. Also, a few tables behind me was former Gibbs High School and Tampa Bay Bucs Quarterback Shaun King. The dealer at my table told me that "Mark Price plays up here a lot too." I said "who?" and he said "The Rays top pick in the draft." Good to see that David Price is being confused with a short, white point guard from the early to mid '90s. If you want to try and take the money of a Rays announcer, an ESPN NFL analyst or the top pick in the 2007 MLB Draft, go play at Derby Lane on Gandy Blvd. in St. Pete.