Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome To Outs Per Swing

We thank you for coming to Outs Per Swing: A Tampa Bay Rays Blog.

Here is a little bit of background on the Outs Per Swing story. The bloggers of Outs Per Swing are highly dedicated and somewhat obsessed Tampa Bay Rays fans. Yes, the Tampa Bay Rays have fans and yes we follow the team religiously. Just wait in a few years, the world will be begging to get on the bandwagon. Back to Outs Per Swing, The OPS Blog is a spin off of a larger, more broad sports blog, The Stat Pack. Instead of clogging up The Stat Pack with a bunch a Rays stories, the founders of TSP created a spin off, OPS, solely for the purpose of talking Rays Baseball. We will provide in depth coverage of Rays Games, Roster moves, Injuries, and any other major news. In addition, we will also have interviews with players and writers who cover MLB.

The name Outs Per Swing can be explained in more detail here, but here is a brief explanation of the name. Two bloggers were at a Rays game, when two spectators in front of them had this conversation:

Guy1: What does OPS Mean?

Guy2: Huh?

Guy1: It says he has a .988 OPS.

Guy2: Oh, I dont know...maybe Outs Per Swing.

Guy1: Probably, That's a pretty good Outs Per Swing

That about sums it up folks, We thank you for joining us and look forward to an exciting 2008 season of Rays Baseball.