Friday, February 22, 2008

Outs Per Swing is Stu Sternberg approved.

Rays Principal owner Stuart Sternberg chatted with Jake Larsen of Draysbay recently. The interview gave great insite to some of the behind the scene workings of the Rays Organizations. It also provided us with a look at what Sternberg is reading. When asked about which Rays blogs he frequents, to our surprise Mr. Sternberg mentioned Outs Per Swing among others:

JL: I know that you're often a viewer of Rays blogs. Outside of DRays Bay, what Rays blogs do you and have you read?

SS: This one, obviously, as well as the message boards on MLB.com (I am a bit dismayed about Bugshus negativity these past 6 months). Rays Index, Outs per swing and Raysbaseball.blogspot. Mostly I look to see the passion and a sense if we are getting our message out so our deepest followers understand the plan.

We are very honored to have Stu as one our readers.