Friday, February 15, 2008

First Practice Pictures and Wrap Up

Waiting for the players to come out

Joe Maddon talking to the fans

Howell, Ryu and Neimann walking out

More of Howell, Ryu and Neimann

Matt Garza bobbling a grounder

David Price firing one over to first

Bad pic of them playing long toss.

The catchers gearing up.

John Jaso apparently being instructed on how to grow a kick ass mustache

Riggans getting his gear on

Sheilds throwing the first pitches of spring

Kaz during infield.

Sheilds rifling one in.

Sheilds getting a drink after.

Neimann taking infield.

Wade Davis relaxing in the shade.

Well the first practice of the spring is over. It wasnt too exciting, but how exciting can watching grown men play catch be? There was a good turnout, considering there were no position players there. The players seemed pretty excited and ready to get the season going.

I was working with a limited view and a crappy digital camera but I tried my best to get some good pictures. I'll be out there again tomorrow, I'll try and do better. If there's any specific pictures that you want, leave a comment and I'll try and get them tomorrow.