Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crawford Talks About Upcoming Season

In an ESPN.com article by Amy K. Nelson, Carl Crawford talks about last season, moves made this offseason, and his new training regimen.

It seems Carl is pretty pumped about this season. He says "With all the B.S. that was going on last year, I think we lost focus on the task at hand.", and that last season was one "he never wants to remember." The B.S he's referring to is the situations with Elijah Dukes and Delmon Young. He goes on to talk about the trading of Young stating "That move, for Garza, spoke volumes," Crawford said. "For the first time I felt like this organization was serious about winning. That's the reason why I think everybody is excited because everybody sees that." It's good to see all of the moves the Rays made this offseason seem to be rubbing the franchise player the right way.

Calling him a workout junkie is an understatement. He had a new gym put in to his Phoenix home, filled with state of the art workout equipment. His main focus this year is to take care of his legs, which is important considering how much of a factor speed plays in his game. Not to mention playing on the turf of the Trop has got to take a toll on one's knees.

The article also says that Carl had tests done this offseason and found out he's allergic to dairy and wheat products. He's going to have organic meals shipped to him during the season. That can't taste especially great, but if it helps him improve his average and home runs for a sixth straight year then I'm all for it.

"I feel more alive more than any other year," said Crawford... "I can't wait to get to spring training." We can't wait for you to get here CC.