Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is David Price Liriano-Like?

New Rays SS Jason Bartlett is no stranger to stud left handed pitchers. He's played behind the best pitcher on the planet, Johan Santana, and also Francisco Lirano. Bartlett now plays behind Rays Ace Scott Kazmir and soon top pick David Price. David Price threw against Major League hitters for the first time today and reminded Bartlett of Liriano especially. From the St. Pete Times:

From what I've seen he throws like Liriano up there. Obviously he doesn't have the changeup Liriano has just yet and the kid's young, but they've probably got Liriano in the future,'' Bartlett said. "The guy has to work hard and he'll be up there for a long time.''

That's the first time I've seen Price and Lirano in the same conversation. I'll be looking more into this in the near future.