Thursday, February 21, 2008

I love Joe Posnanski

I'm not sure if many of you know who Joe Posnanski is. If you don't, that's a shame. Joe's one of the best baseball writers around, it's just a shame he's in Kansas City. His his latest blog Joe goes over his crazy preseason predictions from last season, and gives us new ones for this year. Apparently we can add Joe to the Rays bandwagon. Joe's third "Crazy Preseason Prediction" is:

3. The Tampa Bay Rays will contend for a playoff spot into late August, early September.

He starts off by talking about how poorly the Blue Jays are put together, then goes into why he'd much rather be a Rays fan right now than a Jays fan. I'll post some highlights, but you can read the entire piece here.

"And then you throw in starter Matt Garza … I’m not as much in love with him as some people are, but there are those who see him as a dominant starter. Throw in Rocco Baldelli, who can’t stay healthy but is still only 26 and not so long ago people were saying he was better than Crawford. Throw in pitcher David Price, last year’s No. 1 pick who had the jaw-dropping slider and could be in the big leagues this year. I mean, heck, I don’t know, I just think there’s an awful lot to get excited about with this team."

"Baseball Weekly might be right about the Rays still being the worst team in baseball. As mentioned, I’m usually wrong. But if given the choice, I would MUCH rather be a Rays fan than a Jays fan right now. And I just think this team will get rolling, a little bit like the Brewers did. Of course, the Rays have that crazy Yankees-Red Sox division, which means they will probably have another dreadful September. But I’m on record. August 25th, there’s pennant fever in the I-4 Corridor. You heard it here first. And last."

Thanks Joe.