Friday, February 15, 2008

Live Blog from Rays first spring practice

Outs Per Swing's own Jules Winnfield is live at the Naimoli Complex for the Rays first practice of 2008. Jules will be reporting to me live as the morning goes on so check back for updates. If there's anything you'd like me to ask Jules to investigate please leave a comment and I'll see what we can do.

11:31--Jules is about to wrap up his coverage soon and head home to post pictures and a full report.

11:24--Joe Maddon on the new blue color scheme. "I'm diggin it, man"

11:20--The trash talking has picked up between the 5 guys I mentioned below and Miller and Hammel. Someone asked to borrow $10.00 from James Shields and he laughed. He also mentioned he feels great. Matt Garza says he's glad to be in Tampa. Niemann is taller than the dugout roof he has to duck to get in.

11:14--Mcgee, Jackson, Kazmir, Price, and Davis are taking grounder on one field.

11:12--Some pitchers throwing to catchers, the others are fielding grounders.

11:03--Pitcher's are having a little meeting while Maddon talks to the catchers. Dioner Navarro is not at the practice.

10:54--BIGGEST NEWS OF THE DAY JOSH PAUL'S MUSTACHE IS HUGE. Catchers putting gear on.

10:52--Team has moved on to long toss in the outfield. The camera crews love Jules Rays sweatshirt.

10:42--Streching finally over and now we've moved on to playing catch.

10:38--Team is streching and running. Jules bought a Hot Dog and a coke for $4. That's $5 less than it is at the Trop.

10:26--Workouts have started, the team in running.

10:25--It looks like Maddon maybe about to unleash the troops for workouts.

10:17--Team still isn't working out yet. The Crowd is about 100 people strong now.

10:09--Everyone's favorite reporter Todd Kalas is talking to reporters

10:01--Kazmir and Jackson are the last two on the field we believe. The team is in the outfield getting instructions from Maddon.

9:57--The Rays Lefty/Right Combo of Davis & McGee walking out together, David Price is really tall and every one welcomed back Trever Miller.

9:56--Business is picking up it looks like all the players are now coming on the field

9:55--Skipper Joe Maddon is out there now

9:50--Scott Cursi and Jim Hickey walking out on the field

9:45--The crowd is gathering, there's about 40 people standing along the fence waiting for the team to come out.

9:32-- No one is warming up yet. Cameras are pointed at the locker room waiting for them to come out.


Sean said...

Thanks for live blogging the updates.

Tommy Vercetti said...

No problem, We should have pictures and more stuff soon. We will also be at the practice tomorrow, but won't be live blogging. We will have a recap after tomorrow's practice.