Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Are Moving

Dear Readers, Colleagues and Friends

We are happy to announce that Outs Per Swing is now exclusive to the Most Valuable Network. Effective immediately Outs Per Swing will replace Rays Anatomy as your home for Rays news on MVN. We're excited about the move, as we feel MVN is a great, young, network on the rise. We'll have more pictures, more videos and more interviews at our new home. Don't think we're selling out, as we're not being paid, so we hope everyone that is a reader of this blog will follow us over and continue reading daily. Tommy and myself would like to thank all of you readers who helped us grow so much in the 2 months we've been around, we appreciate it. So come on over and visit the new site, we'll be waiting.



Jules Winnfield/Erik Hahmann


Anonymous said...

blocked at my work...lost 1 lol

Davey Gross said...

The Rays are ridiculous. All those high picks finally paid off.

Rays Fan said...

Rays are looking great. Yanks, beware!