Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quick Hits Around The Bay

From tampabay.com

--Scott Kazmir and David Price both took steps in their rehabs yesterday. Kazmir threw 45 pitches in a bullpen session, while Price threw some tosses from 60ft. Both reported that they felt good after throwing.

--Grant Balfour cleared waivers, not surprisingly. Balfour now has to choose to accept the assignement or become a free agent. With the amount of injuries to start the season I'll be interesting to see if there is interest in Grant on the open market.

--Ben Zobrist's thumb still hasn't healed delaying his return at least another week or two. Until then Elliot Johnson will continue to fill his role

--Carl Crawford had some great comments about staying with the Rays, here are some of them:

"Most definitely, I would like to stay here with the Rays. This is the only organization I know. I don't know nothing different. It would be nice," Crawford said. "I'd hate to leave right when the getting is good. You've been around for all the bad stuff, you want to be around for the good part, too. And it looks like the good part is coming ahead."

"I honestly wasn't really thinking about an extension or nothing like that because in my mind it is so far away," Crawford said. "But I just couldn't imagine seeing myself being anywhere else though."

That my friends, is a thing of beauty