Saturday, April 5, 2008

OPS Live from the ESPNZONE in Times Square

I've always wanted to report live from Times Square so here it is. Lots of pictures and stories to report, but'll that will come tomorrow or Monday. There have been some big things going on in the bay area while we've been gone, so lets recap:

Dioner Navarro was placed on the 15 day DL with a nasty cut on his right hand. Mike Difelice was called up and Juan"not in the US" Salas was placed on the restricted list to clear the 40 man spot. The injury forced Navi to receive 12 stiches. Navi cut his hand on netting in the dugout.

I find it coincidental that Navarro received the cut right before he was due to come up with the bases loaded. As I suggested on Thursday, he should almost always be PH with the bases loaded and guess what IT WORKED. Riggans came through with a bases clearing double. Although we hate to see Navi hurt and hope for a speedy recovery we hope Maddon remembers the result of the pinch-hit.

Scott Kazmir had another good bullpen session and we would guess the Rays are pleased with his progress.

Im gonna go back to the game now cause Trever Miller is about to blow it big time.